Solar Has Grown up and Now
Pays You Back

Midflare Corp. is an Atlanta, Georgia based developer of commercial and utility scale alternative energy solutions.

Currently, Midflare Corp. is functioning as a full service solar energy integrator. Midflare has exclusive licensing rights to a patented Hybrid Solar Energy Conversion System that cuts the installed cost of solar energy by 50% over current technology deployed in the field today. Midflare offers both a rooftop and a ground mounted solar energy solution.

Why We are Leaders

Unmatched Efficiency

Patent pending innovation generates more power per square foot than other solar solutions on the market.

Unmatched Affordability

There is little to no up front cost

Rapid Payback

With an attractive installed price per watt, your new solar solution will achieve remarkably fast payback.


Building Impact

Our innovative installation process does not require roof penetrations.